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2019      Line-up

Faith    Ako

Faith Ako is a traditional and contemporary Hawaiian Musician. She has received various awards such as Hawai’i Music Awards, Best Traditional Hawaiian Album of the Year, and Best New Artist of the Year. She has also been recognized by the Hawai’i Chamber of Commerce, Northern California Chapter, San Francisco for the Kulia I Ka Nu’u, and Strive for the Summit Award. Not only is she an amazing musician, she is also a humanitarian that does Special Education work.

Ka Pā Hula O Kawaiolanoelaniokāne


Ka Pā Hula O Kawaiolanoelaniokāne of Sparks Nevada was founded on July 7, 2012 by Kumu Hula Kawaiola Deguilmo-Banner. The mission of this hālau is to perpetuate the traditions and culture of the indigenous Hawaiian people through chant, dance, song and language. We began with approximately 13 students whom I've had the privilege of graduating from learning the basics to start training as a hula Olapa (professional dancer) in April of 2013. Since then I've accumulated more students and have gone on to graduate my second class in 2014 of the same month. Today I have a total of 30 something students ranging from the ages of 4 years old to 70+. I feel truly blessed that I am still able to be a practitioner of my culture here in Reno. To me, my life cannot exist without hula. It has reconnected me to all of my students whom I believe were always mine to begin with. It's just the way the universe works. It brings people together that were always meant to be together. We were always connected even in our past lives. So hula is a blessing for all of us in hālau. We are a family unit and I'm happy that I've found my ohana here in Reno. It helps me to cope with missing my own family back home on Maui.


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Pōmaika'i Duo: With as many as 6 rotating members, the group itself has been around for 4 years. The name Pōmaika’i has only been around for a little over 2 years. In that short time, this group has become one of the Bay Area’s premier Hawaiian Music groups. They specialize in all genres of Hawai’i’s vast musical phenomena. From soaring falsetto harmonies, to hapa haole songs of yesteryear, and the simplified Island Reggae Music skank of today, Pōmaika’i covers it all. The group rotates members based on what the show or gig calls for and based on availability. Group leader JD Puli is the constant member, being the namesake of the group. His knowledge of music of Hawai’i leads this group with valor and expertise. Choosing songs of Hawai’i that you don’t often hear is another thing that sets this group a part. And putting their own style and twist on a timeless classic is how they go about their music. Raymond Macapagal has the preciseness in his ukulele playing to play specific rifts and chords to make the listener easily recognize certain songs. Ray’s keen ear to detail helps the group gel together. His desire to strive for excellence and just jam makes Ray an intricate part of Pōmaika’i. The growth in his falsetto vocals has strengthened this groups harmonies.



Halau  Hula 'O Leilani


Hula Halau (school) located on the island of Kaua'i (sister school in Reno, NV) - Kumu Hula (hula teacher) Leilani Rivera Bond.



Ka Nalu is a bay area based Hawaiian band which is rooted in true traditional Hawaiian music. Specializing in a mix of contemporary, reggae, country and even rock at times while taking the time to serenade lovers of Hawaiian music of all ages by taking them back to the islands with that sweet nahenahe sound and a falsetto harmony that is powerful. They are a Christian rooted band who also takes the time to kokua functions as well as lead worship for their church. AND WE'RE STILL TRY'N TO GET INTO DA HUKILAU TO PLAY MUSIC.

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